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  • The english version of PSYCHOSCANNER for Windows

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    Psychoscanner, a brief description

    The purpose of the method

    -The effectiveness of psychotherapy and counseling increases significantly when the test is used at the beginning of the process. Thanks to the subliminal “prompts”, nature’s natural logic allows time to be saved by locating and resolving potential problems.

    -The test pinpoints specific features in a person’s state that may require the attention of different specialists, such as a neurologist, chiropractor, endocrinologist or another kind of specialist. It provides the opportunity to find potential problems, other than psychological, that  can be  the cause of some physical conditions, such as sympathoadrenal crises, panic attacks etc.

    Areas of application

    — The test can be used in psychological counseling, psychotherapy, education, professional staff selection, medicine, fitness centers and by other institutions focused on health and human development. «Psychoscanner” can easily be used independently by anyone for self-diagnosis.

    Options for access to the test

    — Online demo-version in Russian is available on the web at www.psychoscanner.com

    — Desktop version for professionals is available on a flash card or by download link.




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